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Requirements to competence

Documented safety training
According to Regulation 703, the Regulation for Execution of Work (Sections §10-1 and 10-2), the Norwegian authorities have set strict requirements for documented safety training for the use of work equipment on the job. This includes a number of machines and tools that are considered dangerous or that require training before use. Most insurance companies also require certified training for hot works such as welding, using blowtorches etc. The UCO School offers courses and training that comply with all these requirements. Your employees will be registered in UCO’s Course Register and with the Norwegian Fires Safety Association (for hot works) after completing a course.

The need for skilled workers
The renter of the equipment is solely responsible for assessing whether he has the skill and competence required to operate the equipment he rents. A lack of basic knowledge can have serious consequences for your company, where safety is concerned and in terms of economics. Focusing attention on skill levels will therefore be an essential aspect of all projects.

Competence is profitable
Increasing competence levels can provide more users with the opportunity to perform more work operations. Project manager understand that this amplifies flexibility. With the right knowledge, one can lower margins for error and achieve greater levels of efficiency. User training may include complete training and certification, or simply brushing up on knowledge one has acquired in the past. UCO School offers courses within many fields and skills. This will be a profitable investment, in safety and in terms of project economics.


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