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UCO School offers these documented safety-training courses:

Module 2:    Work equipment, workshops and warehousing.
 a: Automobile lifts and elephant cranes
 b: Lathes, drill presses, metal saws and grinders
 c: Shears and clippers
 d: Welding, blowtorches and flame cutters

Module 3:    Cranes for construction, buildings, industry and workshops.
 a: Wall cantilever and column cranes, block-and-tackle and overhead block-and-tackle cranes
 b: Bridge / overhead cranes
 c: Mini-cranes (less than 2 TM)
 d: Trailer cranes
 e: Winches  

Module 4:    Lifting tools for doggers: straps, slings and signallers.
Module 5:    Climbing and cradle scaffolding.
Module 6:    Personnel lifts.

Module 7:    Work equipment for underground rockwork.
 a: Tunnel rigs, loading rigs and bolting rigs
 b: Spraying rigs
 c: Injection rigs
 d: Concrete element installation and lifting machines
 e: Hydraulic work platforms
 f: Handheld rock drills and equipment

Module 8:    Work equipment for rockwork above ground.

 a: Drill wagons
 b: Handheld core drills
 c: Crushing and sorting machinery

Module 9:    Rock compaction equipment.

Module 10:  Earth moving machines.
 a: Earth moving machines, less than 15 Kw
 b: Accessories for tractors and earthmovers

Module 11:  Handheld work equipment and construction saws.
 a: Angle grinders
 b: Bolt drivers
 c: Nail guns
 d: Drill hammers, picking hammer sand combi-hammers

Module 14:  Concrete saws.
Module 16:  Clearing saws and trimmers.
Module 19:  Scaffolding, ladders and working at heights.
Module 21: Anti-fall devices.
Module 22:  Concrete equipment.
Module 30: Roadwork warnings - Course 1, 2 and 3.

This course has a theoretical and a practical part. Participants will review all the essential aspects of safety when using every tool or device in the module. The price is based on the total number of participants and the total number of modules chosen.

Company-specific training
There is a course instructor at a UCO office near you, who is ready to discuss a suitable series of training sessions for your company. We also conduct courses and workshops in the afternoons and evenings if that suits your company best. From a long-term point of view, it may be interesting to set up an agreement on a series of planned courses and training for individuals and larger groups.

UCO can also offer free user instruction on other kinds of equipment not found in the regulations or Best Nr. 703.
Feel free to contact your nearest UCO office to arrange a meeting.


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